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If you have been in the gym lately, you might have noticed a couple new things. 1)chalk fouls 2)a new member named Gomez and 3)people drinking these weird pre (before), peri (during), and post (after) workout cocktails. With all this going on it was hard to choose which subject to blog on, but since I’ve already expressed my opinion on chalk fouls, I think I’ll try to touch on the cocktails….sorry Kate, the ones I’m going to talk about don’t contain Pinnacle Whipped Vodka, so you can stop reading now. The ones I’ll try to touch on are the cocktails we call BCAA’s or Branched Chain Amino Acids. BCAA’s are the amino acids leucine, valine, and isoleucine. So why do we need these? Our body is always trying to find a balance between protein synthesis (helps us get jacked) and protein degradation (helps us stay fat). There is much more on that, but for our purposes it’s fine. When we exercise at high intensity, especially with weights, we increase protein synthesis but at the same time we also increase protein degradation to a greater degree. To get tone, buff, jacked, and ripped we must keep our bodies in a positive state of protein synthesis to offset the amount of degradation. Very simple. One way to do this is the ingestion of BCAA’s. Specifically, leucine is most renowned for its ability to increase protein synthesis, it has also been shown to reduce muscle protein breakdown. Currently, supplement companies have not found a tolerated method of isolating leucine for consumption without combining it with the other amino acids that make up BCAA’s. I have been using this supplement for a while now and have really noticed a difference in my body composition, strength, and recovery from exercise. So if these things interest you…get your self some BCAA’s and take them 45 minutes before you workout, sip on them during your workout when you can, and take them after you workout with your protein shake. Rob Ortega over at Nutrishop in Warrington, Pa offers a great product and will give us a discount if you mention you are from CrossFit Newtown. Please remember, if you do not have any interest in getting tone, jacked, ripped, or better at exercise, please stay clear of BCAA’s. It’s cool.

Skill Work:

Handstand Push-ups

*You will have 10 minutes to work on these here are a few options:

Pike push ups if you cannot get upside down against wall

4-5 sets of static holds in the handstand position

4-5 sets max reps if you’re not good -ok at them

30 seconds on 1 minute off for 10 minutes if your ok -good at them.






  1. David says:

    If my whey protein says it has BCAA’s, does that count?

    • Admin says:

      All complete proteins have the branched chain amino acids in them. The better the protein source the more BCAA’s it usually contains. So yes it counts, but it’s still not enough. Through digestion we never quite absorb “everything” in our food, so extra is better. Also the general recommendations for BCAA’s is around 10-20 grams a day depending on the individuals needs. Most Whey sources only have 3-5 grams, if that.

  2. Jim & Linda says:

    Thanks Matt, quick question. What is the name of supplement / BCAA product you are taking? Is it just leucine? Or is there something specific you reccomend?

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