Daily Training

Posted: August 28, 2012 in Uncategorized

Social Notes:

This Saturday, September 1st, our very own Gabby will be bartending alongside my fiance, Laura at the Plumsteadville Pub. Kasia, our Social Director, has already spoken to some folks that are interested in going. We do understand that this is a far ride for those that live in and near Newtown, so we thought we might offer a shuttle (party bus) to the Pub and back. The cost will be around $25 per person, depending on the number of people who are interested. Bus leave at 8 or 9 and departs the Pub at 1:30-2:00am. Please comment on the post or text me if you are in, 267-893-8100. We have to make a decision pretty fast on the transportation and also need about 15-20 people to make it cheap enough, so the sooner we know the better.


Shoulder Press 5 rep max




DB Thrusters 40/30

Toes to Bar


Hollow Rocks x50


  1. Lou Groves says:

    Reservation for 2…..Kasia and Buck

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