Hang Snatch 2 Rep Max

Posted: December 28, 2012 in Uncategorized

The 11 am New Year’s Eve WOD still has some spots available. Reserve your spot today. Also, if your home from work today and would like to attend the 9:30 class, go right ahead and register. Although it is called “essentials” the class performs the same daily WOD, there is just a slower pace and a bit more instruction.

We have also noticed a large amount of members leaving their equipment out after they are done working out. There is no longer “passing” of equipment to other members in the following classes. All members must clean up their area (of chalk) and put away all their equipment. Thanks.

Hang Snatch 2 rep max*

*you can choose your receiving position. Power or full. If you are not good at full and you choose to power, you will not get better at catching in the full position. Your receiving may still end up being considered “power”, but I suggest challenging yourself technically rather then letting ego get in the way to put a big number on the board.


5 rounds

12 Russian swings (choose your weight)
9 box jumps
6 toes to bar


Planks 3×1 minute on 1 minute off



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