Power Clean 2 rep max

Posted: January 7, 2013 in Uncategorized

Reminder that our Olympic Weightlifting classes have changed. They are now Tuesday and Friday at 3:00pm, and Saturday at 11:30. Please sign up for these on Mindbody.

The CrossFit Open starts in March, registration opens 1/30/12. We are opting in as an affiliate and hope to get as many athletes registered as possible. We will be holding the workouts at our facility on days/times TBD. In an effort to prepare folks for the open, we will be programming one 2012 open workout each week.

Power Clean


Open WOD #1

7 minute AMRAP


*these were done touching a 6 inch target (from max standing reach) at the top of the “jump” portion of the burpee. This can be accomplished by adjusting a ring to that high or from some of the guys, touching the pull-up bar will be just. If you want a 6″ target please set that up when you are done with your lift. Regular burpees will be considered a scale.


Side planks 30 on 30 off x 3 per side



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