Renae Lobo-Wallace

CrossFit Coach/CrossFit Kids Coach

Renae has played sports her entire life. It started in boarding school at Milton Hershey where she learned the importance of being healthy and staying active. This has continued throughout childhood and into college where she played division II field hockey at Kutztown University. Of course after college it became harder and harder to find that balance between getting an intense cardio workout and the right weight training. She tried staying fit at your local gym but until she was introduced to CrossFit by her husband Brian Wallace (also a Newtown CrossFit coach) nothing was working to achieve that balance. Nothing kept her body guessing like CrossFit so all her workouts where the same so she also did not see any changes in her body or stamina.

CrossFit has made her the most fit she has been since college and this is after 2 children and at the age of 37 year old. Renae has been able to achieve levels of strength and endurance that she never thought would be possible.

Renae took this to the next level and became a trainer in May 2010 with her level one certification. Renae has loved sharing the CrossFit philosophy and guiding new CrossFitters into their new journey. As a coach Renae hopes to help other members reach their goals and consistently motivate and inspire them to keep pushing themselves even when they do not think they can.


CrossFit Level 1 Certified

CrossFit Kids Certified