Stef Neubauer

CrossFit Coach

Stef has tackled many sports and fitness activities from childhood through
college, graduate school, jobs, marriage, and parenthood.  She has competed at
the national level in Ultimate Frisbee and was an avid runner racing at
distances between 5k and half marathon.  These activities demanded a lot of her
time, took a toll on her body, and were not improving her overall fitness. Where
did her next challenge lie?

A video of a friend doing pull ups inspired
her to try Crossfit.  While living in Indianapolis, Stef participated in her
first WOD and was hooked! She immediately knew that Crossfit would not only
satisfy her desire to compete but also challenge her to address her weaknesses.
The supportive and enthusiastic Crossfit community has motivated her to become
stronger and more fit than she has ever been.

Stef believes that Crossfit
is the most effective way to achieve maximal fitness.  She enjoys motivating
people to work harder than they thought they could.  Personally she strives to
lift more, move faster, and to be a healthy and strong role model for her two
young sons.


CrossFit Level 1 Certified

CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certified

BA in Psychology & Sociology – SUNY Binghamton

MA in Social Psychology -SUNY Stony Brook

MA in School Psychology-Ohio State University


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